She Conquers SA: How can I get involved?

She Conquers” is a 3-year national campaign which aims to empower adolescent girls and young women in South Africa, and improve their lives.

You too can help this campaign reach its goals! Here’s how:

  • Stay in school and finish matric – having no matric can make your life harder, because matric helps you a lot in furthering your studies and finding a job.
  • Protect yourself from pregnancy – use dual protection (contraception and condoms).
  • Know your and your partner’s HIV status– the sooner you test for HIV, the sooner you will know your status and start treatment if your test result is positive.
  • Protect yourself from HIV and STIs – always use a condom when you have sex. If you notice any sign of an STI, get tested, and if you have an STI, make sure not to have sex until you have been treated and you can’t transmit it to your partner.
  • Learn new skills and grow your talents – if you have skills or talents such as sewing, writing or even singing, you can use them to make money.

Want to take it even further? You can join this movement and be part of the decision-making processes within your school, clinic, and community. You can also mobilise and share knowledge that you gain and use the services that are available to you. It’s also important to provide feedback to the service providers that you use. Our clinic finder and rating system gives you an easy way to do this.

For more information about the campaign check out the She Conquers website. Remember to also follow us on Facebook on @SheConquersSA and Twitter on @SheConquersSA and make your voice heard!

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