Should I get tested for HIV?

Are you trying to decide if you should get tested? Maybe you haven’t gone to test because…

·         You’re worried about what will happen if you’re HIV positive

·         You don’t know where to get tested

·         You only go to the hospital or clinic when you feel very sick

·         Going to the doctor stresses you out

·         You think you can find out your status from your partner’s status

·         You don’t want anyone to find out if you’ve been unfaithful

·         You think people will find out your status

Even if you’ve had reasons for not testing, it’s a good idea for everyone to test regularly, no matter who you are. It can seem scary to find out your status, but if you are HIV positive, the virus is in your body whether you test or not! And if you are HIV positive, getting treatment sooner can help you to live a longer, healthier life. Also, your healthcare worker HAS to keep your status a secret – if they tell anyone outside of the clinic, they are breaking the law.

It’s a good idea to get tested if:

·         Your parent is HIV positive

·         You’ve ever had sex – oral, anal or vaginal

·         You’ve had sex with someone who is HIV positive

·         You’re pregnant

Getting tested regularly is an important part of keeping yourself healthy. Find out more about testing in our article “Know your status? Get tested! What to expect”. If you want to know where to get tested, use our clinic finder to find your closest clinic and rate their service. 

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