Starting to sweat: keep it sweet

If you are going through puberty, you might notice that you have started to sweat more. Especially when you exercise, worry or when it’s warm. Try not to worry, sweating is completely normal. Sweating can actually be good for you, because it helps your body to cool down. During puberty your sweat glands become more energetic and make more sweat. This is called perspiring.

Since puberty is a time of fast growth, just your body growing can also cause you to sweat. The hormone changes that your body experiences during puberty can cause you to sweat more out as you now have more sweat glands:
  • under your arms
  • in the palms of your hands;
  • under your feet;
  • between your legs.

If you're worried that your sweat is stinky, or that people might notice, there are some easy fixes:
  • Wash your body more regularly, especially your underarms, vagina and feet. Remember to dry your feet completely after you have washed them.
  • Change and wash your clothes often.
  • Use deodorant to cover up the smell of sweat.
  • If possible, wear different shoes with cotton socks on alternate days.

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