Stay safe on campus!

Schools and campuses should be safe places for young people. Even though those in charge of your campus will do their best to keep you safe, there are extra steps you can take to stay safe too. Here are some ways you can look out for the safety of yourself and your friends:

  • Walk in groups – this will make it harder for someone to attack you. If you are attacked, there is more of a chance that someone can escape and get help.
  • Keep emergency numbers handy – save them on speed dial on your phone so you can find them quickly.
  • Use campus security – on most campuses, security guards can walk with you. This is a good idea if you’re walking at night.
  • Be aware – this makes it easier to notice someone who’s following you. Don’t walk with headsets in your ears!
  • Report – report any threats or attacks against you immediately.
  • Keep your room locked – lock it as soon as you get in or leave. It’s easy to fall asleep and forget to lock up.
  • Be careful online – people can learn your daily routine from what you post online, and they can use this information to attack you.
  • Fight back – if you are attacked, try to scream, fight and break free. This may not always be possible, so don’t blame yourself if you freeze. It’s not your fault – this is a normal reaction.

No one deserves to be a victim of crime and sexual violence, and it is never your fault if it happens. You have the right to safe and to not be violated.

For information on what to do if you feel unsafe, check out “What should I do if someone is threatening me or hurting me?” on B-Wise.

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