Staying in school and your health: How are they connected?

Staying in school is not only good for your future… it can also make you healthier. You may be asking yourself, how? Well, scientists and researchers around the world have found that staying in school can make you live longer, this is how…

If you stay in school for more years, for example, by finishing high school and going to university, you have a better chance at getting a good job. Not only that, but you may make more money than the person who didn’t finish school. More money means you can afford to buy healthy food, go to gym, play sports and get all the help you need if you get sick. These things can give you good quality of life and make you healthier, and because of that you may live longer.

Other researchers say that staying in school will also give you enough knowledge to make good lifestyle choices, like:

  • having protected sex, which keeps you protected from HIV and STIs;
  • not smoking, which lowers your chance of getting diseases like lung cancer and heart disease; and
  • planning to have children when you are older and out of school.

So, it’s good for your health to stay and finish school. For more information on how to plan your future, check out our Your Future section on B-Wise. 

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