Support for teen fathers

Fatherhood can be  an amazing experience, but if you are young and have found out that you will be a father, it could also be a scary and confusing time for you and seriously disrupt your plans for your career and life.

There are places young pregnant women get support, like from their doctors and nurses, BUT… what about teen fathers? Pregnancy can be a challenge for both the mother and the father.

Teen fathers may feel the pressure to provide for the teen mother and their baby – maybe even to drop out of school to find a job. They might also feel like they have disappointed their families and friends. They may even end up making desperate decisions to make money.

 If you are a teen father, you need to support your partner and the baby. But you will need support too.

Some ways you can get support:

  • Get access to parenting skills training, support groups and counselling. The Parent Centre is one of the organisations that provides support to adolescent fathers. Click here to find out more.
  • Get help with registering for a child support grant. Learn more about how to register for a child support grant here.
  • Prepare yourself by reading books and websites on pregnancy and parenting. 
  • Talk to your girlfriend about it. You’re in this together, so why not try to solve problems together?
  • Ensure that you use contraceptives to prevent future unplanned and unwanted pregnancies!

Remember, having a baby is a big responsibility… make sure you’re ready! For options that you and your girlfriend can look at before you have a baby, check out our article “My girlfriend is pregnant – what now?

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