#TellYourStory I was once a victim ...

Hi I was once a victim of STD and I didn't know It was std as I didn't have much info about sexually transmitted infections ..the thing is I was having unprotected sex with more than 3 girlfriends and that when I started visiting clinic from time to time to test for HIV and all other sexually related infections and I was tested negative .

One thing that is making most men to be afraid of testing is the results ..they don't have the guts to welcome the positive feedback after testing and that is the real problem

by Kealengwato

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B-Wise User nazir 12 February 2019 13:19

I hope that you've learnt a valuable lesson in life of taking care of yourself. Id like to say that I'm proud of you and keep on sharing and guiding other youth members out thereð??¯

B-Wise User Maschizywizy 7 December 2018 14:07

You are very brave and wish many men will have the stregnth to test and keep thier partners safe.