#TellYourStory No condom no sex

The reason why boys don't want to wear protection is because some heard from their friends that sex is more fun and nice when you do it unprotected. And some have unprotected sex because they lack knowledge of STI's and STD's. Some you find that they've already tested positive and is having unprotected sex because he wants to infect other people. No condom no sex,

Rather safe than sorry

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B-Wise User Anonymous 28 May 2019 10:27

having unprotected sex can lead to having unplanned pregnancy,HIV,STDs,STI and HPV. I recently found myself in a bit of a situation whereby i thought my partner was faithful to me,but was not the case because he was messing around.I had developed vaginal warts and i didn't know what they were until i went to a local clinic. they told me they are caused by having unprotected sex,also did a HIV test my result came negative. So with all that said use a condom when having sex rather be safe than sorry.