#TellYourStory We may think we don't have any infection but we wouldn't know until we get tested

Most men are afraid to get tested because they feel like if they find out that they are positive their lives are gonna change they will not be able to live the same and freely. Some just feel embarrased.

I have never tested for any other STI. Of ever I get some symptoms I will know that something is not okay and I will need to consult with my doctor.

Most of us as youth we are sexually active and we interact with many and different people. Besides the fact that we have to know sexual or health history of our partners, it's important that we get tested more often so that we don't put anyone at risk of getting the infections if we are seeing more than one partner. In today's generation as a guy with one girl, to many guys out there you not a man enough, multiple partners validate your manhood to your peers.

We may think we don't have any infection but we wouldn't know until we get tested, even if previously you were using protection doesn't fully guarantee that you safe from STIs. Knowing your status helps you in getting treatment if you tested positive and be able to control/manage the disease, prevent transmission to your confidante and testing is not only important to your health and well-being but to those people you having relationships with.

It's important to get tested so that we know our status,practice safe sex and promote a healthy lifestyle. 


Tshepo Raselebana

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