The internet and the dangers of diagnosing ourselves

When you have a health problem, what do you do? Some people ask their family or friends. Some people go to a clinic or a pharmacy. But a lot of people do something quicker: they look on the internet to see what their symptoms mean.

The internet is so helpful to us in so many ways, and you can get a lot of useful information from it. But it can be dangerous to use the internet instead of going to the doctor. Here’s why:

  • Not everything on the internet is true. Some websites can give you wrong information and bad advice, and that could mean you don’t get the help you need – or you could even get sicker.
  • Seeing your doctor also gives you a lot of things that you don’t get from the internet. Your doctor can see you in person, and check important things like your temperature and your blood pressure.
  • Sometimes we don’t even notice when something goes wrong in our bodies. Doctors can notice things that you haven’t noticed.

B-Wise provides health information, and you can get your health questions answered by a medical expert here, but no website can take the place of seeing a nurse or a doctor. If you are having symptoms you are worried about, a doctor or clinic is always the best place to go. Find your closest clinic here:

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