The myths and truths about rape

Myths about rape

A myth is an idea or story that is believed by many people but is not actually true. Here are some common myths people may believe about rape that are not true:

MYTH: Boys cannot be raped

TRUTH: Anyone can be raped.

MYTH: It is not rape if the victim does not clearly say 'no'

TRUTH: There many ways that a person can say they don't want to have sex. Only yes means yes.

MYTH: It’s not rape if a girl/woman wears skimpy or tight clothing

TRUTH: No matter what a girl/woman is wearing, clothing can’t consent to sex.

MYTH: People often lie about being raped as they regret having sex with someone

TRUTH: People lie about all crimes, not just rape. The number of people that lie about being the victim of a crime is very small.

MYTH: It’s not rape if the woman and man are married or in a relationship.

TRUTH: In any relationship, you have the right to say NO to sex.

MYTH: Some people say 'no' but they really mean 'yes'

TRUTH: NO means NO!

MYTH: You are asking to be raped if you go into an unsafe area, such as a bad neighbourhood or a bar.

TRUTH: You can be raped anywhere, even in your own home.

MYTH: Sex workers can’t be raped

TRUTH: Sex workers are people too and have the right to consent (agree) or say no to sex.

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