The "pull-out method" as a contraceptive method: Why it doesn't work

The "pull-out method" is when a man removes his penis from the vagina during sex just before he can ejaculate or cum; thinking that he is limiting the chances of any sperm reaching the egg.Some people think this is a good way to stop pregnancy, but it doesn't work!

  • Not all sperm are released when you ejaculate or cum, some are a little more eager and release in your pre-cum, so you could still get someone pregnant.
  • Pulling out will also not stop you from getting STIs or protect you from getting HIV.
  • Constantly worrying about pulling out in time - or if your partner will pull out in time -doesn't make for satisfying sex.

If you or your partner want to prevent pregnancy and STIs, it's a good idea to talk to a nurse or doctor about the best contraceptive method for you - there are several options available but, please use "dual protection" or a condom and contraceptive.

Remember, using condoms each and every time you have sex, as well as a contraceptive such as the pill, injection or the implant will stop unwanted pregnancy and protect you from STIs.

For more information about contraceptive methods, please check out our article on different kinds of contraceptive methods available free in clinics: here

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