The reality of addiction

Substances are anything that you put into your body. So it could be anything from food, to alcohol, to cigarettes, dagga, coke, ecstasy, tik... and when you use a little bit of it, it might make you feel better when you feel down. Maybe it feels like it takes you away from your problems. Maybe it makes you feel like a stronger or happier person.

So where does the 'abuse' in 'substance abuse' come in? Well, when you use too much of any substance, you're not literally 'abusing' the substances – the substances don't get hurt. You get hurt!

When we use so much of something that it starts to make us sick and or hurts those around us, that's abuse.

When you try to stop using it, but can't, that's addiction.

When you can't live without it, that's addiction.

The reality of addiction is not pretty. It means a person cannot go through life without a drug – they are dependent on it. At what's worst, addiction makes people turn on their friends and family, leave school or stop caring, sell their stuff to get money for drugs, or even do things they know is wrong because they need the drug so much.

If you are addicted, don't be ashamed. Ask for help or contact the Substance Abuse Helpline 0800 121314 or their SMS line: 32312. BUT IT'S BEST NOT TO START USING ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES IN THE FIRST PLACE.

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B-Wise User Anonymous 28 June 2020 20:30

My little brother is 13 and is addicted to marijuana and is aggressive when high and doesn't wanna get help Please help ð??ªð??ª

B-Wise Expert Expert 29 June 2020 15:42


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