Traditional Healers: How to spot a fake

There is nothing wrong in asking for help from a traditional healer. As an adolescent in South Africa, you have the right to choose your own culture and beliefs and to be protected against unfair discrimination because of your beliefs. But you have to be careful about what some healers say they can do for you.

There are good healers and there are fake healers. There are also healers who just want to make money from people who don't know what to expect from them. So you really have to watch out for those.

Here are tips to help you spot fake traditional healers. They are a fake healer if they:
  • Ask you to stop taking modern medicine
  • Tell you they will help you pass exams without studying
  • Say that they can make your penis bigger
  • Tell you they will bring back your lost love
  • Give you the lotto numbers
  • Tell you they will make you more money or ask you to give them all your money

Traditional healers don't perform miracles. Their job is just to give you quality and safe treatment. If you experience unfair treatment, you can report the traditional healer to the Traditional Healers Organisation for Africa by calling 011 337 6177 or you can send them an email at

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