Urinary tract infections: what's the lowdown?

Have you ever had that irritating feeling where you go to pee and think it’s finished… only to rush back to the toilet again to pee some more? You might have a urinary tract infection (UTI). Anyone can get one, but if you are female, your chances of getting a urinary tract infection at some point in your life are high.

A urinary tract infection often happens when bacteria enters the urinary tract through the tube where you pee (the urethra). 

Signs you may have a UTI:

·  A burning feeling when you urinate/pee

·  The urgent need to pee even though little comes out when you do

·  Pain in your lower back

·   Strong smelling pee

·   Sometimes a fever with chills

How you can try to prevent a UTI:

·  Wiping from the front to the back after you pee

·  Emptying your bladder (or peeing) regularly 

·   Drinking lots of water

·   Peeing after sex

It is important to visit your nearest clinic to talk a nurse or doctor if you think that you might have a urinary tract infection.

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B-Wise User Anonymous 22 March 2019 12:30

I had the same problem and I was help immediately I rushed to clinic then it was treated