Vaccinations, what are they exactly?

A vaccination is medicine that protects you from diseases that can make you sick, disabled or can even kill you. A vaccine makes the body's defence system (called the immune system) stronger so it can fight disease.

But how do they work?

Vaccinations work by putting a little bit of the disease germ in the vaccine. When it enters your body, the body then trains fighters called antibodies that fight against this germ. So if you are infected with the disease, the body has already learned how to fight against it. The vaccinations are mostly given as an injection in the arm.

If you have asthma, diabetes or heart disease, remember to tell the nurse or doctor so they can give the best vaccine that suits you. Visit your local clinic, to see which vaccines are right for you. Here is a list of diseases and their prevention vaccine:

- Mumps, Measles uses the MMR vaccination

- Influenza uses the annual flu vaccination

- Human Papillomavirus uses the HPV vaccination (currently provided in schools for grade 4 girl learners)

- Hepatitis A uses the HepA vaccination

- Hepatitis B uses the HepB vaccination

- Diphtheria and Whooping Cough uses the Tdap vaccination

- Pneumococcal Disease uses the pneumococcal vaccination

- Varicella (Chickenpox) uses the varicella vaccination

- Rubella (German Measles) uses the MMR vaccination

- Polio uses the IPV vaccination

- Meningococcal Disease uses the meningococcal vaccination

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B-Wise User Anonymous 14 May 2018 20:15

IS IT TRUE?? *EThekwini Municipality* *URGENT APPEAL* Parents are urged to ensure that children up to 12 years of age are vaccinated against Diphtheria. Diphtheria is a disease caused by a toxin (poison) made by bacteria. The disease starts with a sore throat, mild fever and chills. This is usually followed by swelling of the throat and neck caused by the diphtheria toxin making a thick coating on the back of the nose or throat. It may be white or greyish. The coating makes it hard to breathe or swallow. If a child presents the above-mentioned symptoms, it is important to visit your nearest health care facility immediately. The disease is contagious and can be fatal if not treated timeously. Vaccinations for diphtheria are available *FREE OF CHARGE at ALL* Public Health Care Centres around *_eThekwini Municipality_*

B-Wise User yellow borne 4 May 2018 22:14

Is there any vaccine for fungal infection?

B-Wise Expert Expert 10 May 2018 14:14

Hi there, thank you for your question. Yes, there are vaccines available for fungal infections. Its best that you go to your local clinic and speak to a nurse or a doctor so they can check you up and give you the correct treatment that you will need.