7 ways to love yourself

Loving yourself sounds simple, but it can be hard at times – especially when you feel alone, rejected or guilty. If you’re feeling down on yourself, try these small steps to give yourself some love.

1. Don’t beat yourself up. Talk to yourself like you would talk to someone you love. Punishing yourself won’t make you better – it just feels worse.

2. Take care of your health. Your body needs love too: eat healthy food, get enough sleep, exercise, and go to the doctor when you’re sick.

3. Set boundaries. We all have limits of what we can take and what we will accept. Know your limits and let other people know what they are too.

4. Ask for help. If you’re not OK, that’s nothing to be scared of. We all have those moments. Speak to a friend or trusted adult and get help – you’re worth it.

5. Learn to say NO. If something hurts you, makes you uncomfortable or goes against your morals, you’re allowed to say no. If you are scared to say no to someone, talk to a trusted adult.

6. Be yourself. The real you is much more awesome than a copy of someone else. Let your true self shine.

7. Do something you love. Whether it’s playing sport, being creative or just chilling with friends, give yourself time to do fun things.

Don’t worry if you don’t get these right all the time – see number 1 above!  You deserve love, just like everyone else. So set a good example for others and be good to yourself. Click here to read more about how to take care of yourself. 

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