What is TLD

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B-Wise User Anonymous 11 August 2020 13:19

Hey there mna nginekinga uma ngisenza ucantsi angibikho manzi angichami ngivele ngidineke ngumntu engabelana naye kuvele ibengathi akasagqibi yenziwe yintoni loko.

B-Wise Expert Expert 11 August 2020 13:54


You need to try using lube which you can get at the clinic or buy at a pharmacy. This will help with the dryness

B-Wise User Anonymous 11 August 2020 12:46

How can i treat my urinary incontinence?been suffering from it for 3yrs now

B-Wise Expert Expert 11 August 2020 13:52


You need to go to the clinic or doctor to get treated because it is usually caused by an infection

B-Wise User Anonymous 10 August 2020 09:52

Hellooo doc My brother feel pain during urinating, he has been seen doctors but it doesn't stop how can i help him please doc

B-Wise Expert Expert 11 August 2020 13:14


Please read this: https://bwisehealth.com/article/sexual-and-reproductive-health-tips-for-men

Your brother could have an infection or an STI. He needs to be checked for those.

B-Wise User Anonymous 9 August 2020 14:47

Hey doc my baby has a white layer in his tongue and on the inside of his cheeks what can it be he is 7mnts

B-Wise Expert Expert 11 August 2020 12:48

Hi there,

Your baby has thrush. You should take him to the clinic or doctor for medication to help.

B-Wise User geson 18 July 2020 08:25

How can we tell the 16year old child who is born with hiv that you are hiv posetive

B-Wise Expert Expert 21 July 2020 17:59


Use the contact information below to talk to a counselor who can give you advice:

Get in touch with LoveLife's Contact Centre on 0800 121 900 or send a PLZ CAL ME to 083 323 1023 

You can also whatsapp Life Line at 065 989 9238

B-Wise User geson 18 July 2020 08:21

hello doc what is the causes of sti and what are the symptom

B-Wise Expert Expert 21 July 2020 17:59


STIs are caused when you have unprotected sex with someone who has the infection. It then passes onto you.

There are many symptoms for different STIs such as bad smelling discharge, discharge changing colour, sores on vagina or penis

B-Wise User Anonymous 16 July 2020 16:02

Doc yesterday I had sex with my bf and then in the morning I had a small lump in my labia minora,what can it be?

B-Wise Expert Expert 17 July 2020 15:35


If it doesn't get better then you need to go to the clinic to get checked for an STI

B-Wise User Anonymous 16 July 2020 16:00

Hie Doc what's the difference between STI and STD

B-Wise Expert Expert 17 July 2020 15:35

Hi there,

They are not different. They can be called using both STI or STD. Most people just say STI

B-Wise User Unidentified 13 July 2020 08:24

What os TLD doc?

B-Wise Expert Expert 13 July 2020 14:13

Hi there,

TLD is a type of ARV

B-Wise User Anonymous 7 July 2020 10:33

I would like to know if I can test for HIV at home? If so how

B-Wise Expert Expert 7 July 2020 15:32


Yes you can. You buy a self-testing kit at some pharmacies.

B-Wise User Anonymous 2 July 2020 09:46

Can I give my child breast milk and formula after 6mnts if I'm HIV positive?

B-Wise Expert Expert 2 July 2020 09:48


It is safe to breastfeed the baby for up to two years, as long as your viral load is undetectable and its safe to do so.

ou may continue to breastfeed while the baby eats food because now the stomach gut of your baby is well formed and strong enough to withstand the virus.

Also important to note that you should continue to take your treatment always and avoid breastfeeding if you have sores in your breast

B-Wise User Nobukhosindebele98@gmail.com 1 July 2020 13:45

Hie Doc my viral load is undectable and my baby is 6mnts old now I still want to breastfeed him and giving solid food is it safe for my child?

B-Wise Expert Expert 1 July 2020 17:02

Hi there,

It is best to take the baby to the clinic to make sure he/she can handle both breastmilk and solid foods. The doctor will be able to then give you advice based on the baby's and your health 

B-Wise User Always 25 June 2020 00:48

Hie Doc i jss release sperms when i am urinating is that okae bt i do it if i take long without having sex

B-Wise Expert Expert 25 June 2020 11:01

Hi there,

It shouldn't be a problem

B-Wise User Anonymous 22 June 2020 20:57

What is TLD

B-Wise Expert Expert 23 June 2020 16:35


TLD is an antiretroviral treatment 

B-Wise User Nobukhosindebele98@gmail.com 17 June 2020 09:32

Mrng Doc,Can HIV damage your liver if you are not taking treatment and viral load is high CD4 account low?

B-Wise Expert Expert 17 June 2020 11:47

Hi there,

Yes it can damage your liver and other organs if you don't take take treatment

B-Wise User Anonymous 16 June 2020 19:03

My 5mnts old baby has a small ring worm what can be the problem?

B-Wise Expert Expert 17 June 2020 11:37


You need to go to a clinic or doctor to get checked. They will tell you what is happening after checking you and treat you

B-Wise User Anonymous 13 June 2020 13:26

Hie Doc my child is teething and has a ranning stomach do i have to go to a clinic or its normal?

B-Wise Expert Expert 14 June 2020 16:00

Hi there,

It's normal but if it doesn't stop then take the child to the clinic 

B-Wise User Anonymous 10 June 2020 11:54

Hie Doc why do babies given Batrim if you are breastfeeding if I'm HIV positive?

B-Wise Expert Expert 10 June 2020 12:19

Hi there,

Bactrim is given to the baby to prevent any opportunistic infections since the baby is breastfeeding 

B-Wise User Nobukhosindebele98@gmail.com 6 June 2020 10:51

Hie Doc I asked my question and it has been more than 48hrs still waiting for a response?

B-Wise Expert Expert 7 June 2020 15:50


You will get your response as soon as possible. We are currently receiving hundreds of messages so it is taking a while. Our apologies

B-Wise User Kedimak 4 June 2020 20:40

Hi in 2008 tested positive and I started to take arvs in 2018 and my partner doesn't want to test and we are not using protection but since from then my viral laod is undetectable so I don't know if it was a false alarm or what

B-Wise Expert Expert 5 June 2020 10:22


Your partner needs to get tested. It's very important. In the meantime, please use condoms when having sex. 

B-Wise User Nobukhosindebele98@gmail.com 3 June 2020 15:59

Hie Doc my viral load was lower than detectable but after 2mnts of giving birth it went to 186 and I was taking my ARVs same time as always,what could be the problem?

B-Wise Expert Expert 8 June 2020 14:27

Hi There,

Giving birth is a traumatic event to the body, continue drinking your medication check your viral load after 3 months, if you are still worried, consult your doctor, you may need to switch to another drug. 

B-Wise User Anonymous 31 May 2020 16:32

What's ltd?

B-Wise Expert Expert 31 May 2020 16:52


It is an antiretroviral for the treatment of HIV

B-Wise User Anonymous 29 May 2020 23:48

Can you fall pregnant if you do not have your period

B-Wise Expert Expert 31 May 2020 16:35


The chances are very low

B-Wise User Simphiwe Buthelezi 27 May 2020 14:21

What's TLD?

B-Wise Expert Expert 28 May 2020 08:04


B-Wise User Anonymous 26 May 2020 23:36

What do you do if you get raped??

B-Wise Expert Expert 27 May 2020 16:04

Hi There, 

  • You need to get medical help as soon as you can. If possible, you should go to the hospital, medico-legal clinic or Thuthuzela Care Centres (TCCs) within 72 hours (3 days) of the rape.
  • You will be provided with medication if necessary, to help to prevent you from being infected with HIV. This medication is called PEP, which stands for 'post-exposure prophylaxis'. You will have to take these pills every day for 28 days.
  • You will be given medication to prevent you from falling pregnant. Both of these medicines are free in public hospitals and clinics.
  • The doctor or nurse will also ask you questions about what happened. Try to be as honest as you can. It's okay if you don't remember. They will do some tests to get evidence for the police find your rapist but this does not mean you have to open a case at the police station.
  • Do not shower or wash after the rape and take any clothes you were wearing so they can find evidence they need.

Remember, you do not need to open a case to get medical care after a rape.

B-Wise User Troops 26 May 2020 13:21

Hello What Is really LTD in other ways

B-Wise Expert Expert 26 May 2020 18:50


What do you mean?

B-Wise User Unity 22 May 2020 16:03

What causes yeast infection?

B-Wise Expert Expert 22 May 2020 16:19


Please read this: https://bwisehealth.com/article/what-is-vaginal-thrush-or-a-yeast-infection

B-Wise User Anonymous 22 May 2020 15:33

Hie want to know about how many types of hiv treatment and which people are s able to get that type of treatment

B-Wise Expert Expert 22 May 2020 16:13


Go to your nearest clinic for information to see what they have available and who they give it to.

B-Wise User Nobukhosindebele98@gmail.com 19 May 2020 17:01

Hie Doc is TLD good for breastfeeding mothers?

B-Wise Expert Expert 19 May 2020 17:56

Hi there,

You need to consult with the doctor treating you to make sure it is okay.

B-Wise User Kansas 17 May 2020 15:06

Hie Doc,I have been been taking my FDC in the evening 8:30pm,so the question is why do i have to take my TLD in the morning ð?¤??

B-Wise Expert Expert 18 May 2020 19:00


You can still take TLD in the evening, as long as they are consistent with the time 

B-Wise User Anonymous 17 April 2020 15:25

Hi Doc... Is TLD a replacemnt for ARV'S? And if not who gets them? I mean... Is it someone with a high or lesser Viral load? Who is eligible to receiving them?

B-Wise Expert Expert 17 April 2020 17:06

Hi there,

TLD is a type of ARV so it is not a replacement. All people living with HIV is eligible to receive TLD and it doesn't matter what your viral load is.

B-Wise User Anonymous 9 April 2020 19:22

it's like HIV

B-Wise Expert Expert 11 April 2020 15:29

Hello there,

TLD is a type of antiretroviral for treating people with HIV.

B-Wise User Anonymous 5 April 2020 18:29

Wat is TLD

B-Wise Expert Expert 8 April 2020 16:30

TLD is an antiretroviral that that many people can tolerate.

Read more here: https://cb15a1b8492430fe8e04-a59f2f1911e4f2e1c53db1832af0541d.ssl.cf3.rackcdn.com/30a81946-1765-11ea-acb6-492ffd3fe8e4_TLD%20Z-fold-%20Updated%20.pdf

B-Wise User Anonymous 29 March 2020 20:31

Im confused im hiv positive but when my partner go testing he's negetive hows that possible

B-Wise Expert Expert 30 March 2020 12:19

Hi Hlengiwe, 

It s possible that your partner has not been infected with the virus, continues having sex with condoms and also your partner needs to take prep to prevent getting infected. Learn more about Prep on www.myprep.co.za

B-Wise User Kgdxssf 23 March 2020 17:09

My mam takes ARVS but she does not want to take them every day what can I do?

B-Wise Expert Expert 26 March 2020 12:04


Your mum needs to take her pills everyday, You can set reminders for her so she doesn't forget, for example you can put them next to her toothbrush so everytime she brushes her teeth she takes them, or set a time when you know you are home to remind her, good luck 

B-Wise User Anonymous 14 March 2020 21:22

Hi I have been on ART for 3 years, a year ago my viral load increased and it hasn't been suppressed since but its increasing slowly even though I take my treatment religiously on time. To cut matters short the cause of this was found and now I'm about to change my first line regimen to the second one. My question is will I change to this new TLD treatment or the one that was there before? Is this pill also taken once a day at the same time everyday? Thanks

B-Wise Expert Expert 7 April 2020 13:11

Hi there,

In SA now TLD is our first regimen not second regimen.


You will need to be properly assessed and the healthcare worker will choose a personalized regimen choice for you, it is not general. The regimen depends on which drugs were you exposed to and your clinical picture.

So your health care worker will explain the times for the treatment with you.