What should my partner know about my circumcision?

If you’re thinking about going to get a Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC), are you planning to involve your partner?

Maybe it feels difficult to talk about…private and sensitive… but actually, discussing circumcision and other health issues with your sexual partner is a great move! It means your partner will understand the risks and procedures that come with VMMC, and they can support you better.

This may not be an easy thing to do, so if you’re not comfortable talking to your partner about it, you can always take them with you to the clinic.

Here’s why it helps to bring your partner with you to the clinic:

  • You can both get all the information and counselling you need about VMMC and other sexual and reproductive health matters – so you’ll both be on the same page about it, and make decisions together.

  • Your partner can be there for support, to help you relax or feel less nervous about the procedure.
  • You will both learn why you have to abstain from sex for 6 weeks after circumcision. That way, you don’t have to break the news to them on your own!
  • Your partner can help to look after you after the operation, and can remind you about follow-up appointments at the clinic. If you’re both informed, then the healing has a better chance of going well.
  • You can both test for HIV and other STIs, which can help to keep you both safe.
  • You’ll still need to use condoms after the VMMC. You can get male and female condoms at the clinic. 

VMMC is a decision that affects both you and your partner, so why not go through the process together, as a team? If you have any questions about VMMC, or anything else, you can ask an expert here.

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