What to do if you have unprotected sex

Oops, it can happen! Like if your condom comes off or breaks, if you miss taking your pill for more than two days, if you were sick and given antibiotics while using the pill, if you forgot to get your injection on your due date, if your partner refuses to use a condom, if you had unplanned sex or if you were raped.

If any of these happen to you, it is important to follow through on all the prevention methods below:

  • You can use emergency contraception to prevent pregnancy - either the IUD, which can then stay in as your method, or emergency contraceptive pills. These pills need to be taken within 5 days (120 hours) after unprotected sex, the earlier the more effective... so act fast! It is free at your local clinic and can be bought at pharmacies.
  • If you are raped, go to the clinic. You will have an HIV test and if negative, you will be given antiretroviral pills called PEP to prevent HIV. PEP needs to be taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex... so act fast! And you may need to be treated for an STI.
  • Remember HIV and STIs can only be prevented if you use condoms properly during sex each and every time or you abstain from sex. Condoms are free at your local clinic and can be cheap at some pharmacies and shops.

According to South African law, contraceptives may be given to a child who is 12 years or older without the consent of a parent or caregiver and if it is a medically safe to do so.

Finally, if you think you may be pregnant and don't want to continue the pregnancy - seek help from your clinic as early as possible to explore your options.

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Anonymous 30 October 2017 20:15

Good evening .. my period was a week late , I had unprotected sex but took emergency contraceptive pills and an hiv test the following morning. I still havenâ??t got my period and I was wondering when I should take a pregnancy test ? Is it okay if I take painkillers to numb the side effects of the emergency contraceptives ?

Thank you for your question. We have sent it to an expert and will get back to you within 48 hours with a response.
BWise Moderators 21 March 2017 08:15

Keitumetse on Facebook asked:is it possible for a young lady to fall pregnant on her first experience of sex?

B-Wise Expert Expert 21 March 2017 08:42

Hi Keitumetse, Yes, it is possible to get pregnant any time you have sex, even if it’s your first time. Using contraception and a condom every time you have sex will help to protect against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). It’s a good idea to check with your nurse or doctor if you think you may be pregnant. You can also get advice from them on how best to protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections (STIs), HIV and pregnancy. Read the Basics of Sex section on B-Wise for more information on this topic and many others.

Anonymous 22 November 2015 09:49

What is wrong with my feets because they get painfull sometimes especially in the summer

B-Wise Expert Expert 22 December 2015 12:00

Hi Anonymous - That sounds difficult. In order for me to make a proper diagnosis, I have so many questions about the pain that you are experiencing in your feet. I suggest you seek advice at your local clinic or hospital.

Dimakatso94 7 November 2015 06:03

I have sore pimples on my private area wht do u think I can do?