What to do when you’re anxious

Yoh! Anxiety (feelings like worrying about something, panicking, freaking out) can make you feel like things are out of control…like nothing can help you. But with the right methods, you can deal with your anxiety.

Next time you feel really anxious, try some of these and see what works for you:

  • Breathe. Slow your breathing down. Breathe deeply. Focus on your breathing. This can help slow down your heartbeat too.
  • Understand what’s causing it. Knowing WHY you’re getting anxious is an important step towards solving the problem.
  • Do something with your hands. Sometimes it helps to get that nervous energy out, or focus on something else. You could squeeze a soft ball, hug a pillow, hold hands with a friend, or even stroke a pet.
  • Don’t avoid it forever. If you stay away from the thing that worries you, it might not go away. And avoiding it might be bad for you too – it can just get more and more scary in your head. Face your fears, even if you do it bit by bit.
  • Talk about it. Tell a friend or trusted adult. It can be a relief, and they might have ways to help you.

Anxiety doesn’t have to take over your life. But if you try these tips and you are still really anxious, talk to a psychologist, counsellor or doctor and get help. Find out more about anxiety in our article “Do you worry all the time? You could be anxious”

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