What to expect from pregnancy

You're pregnant - Wow!

It's a big change in your life, and a lot of things are going to happen to your body. Knowing more about it can help you prepare.

Pregnancy happens in 3 stages called trimesters:

  • In the first trimester (1st 12 weeks or so), you might feel sick, tired or emotional sometimes.
  • In the second trimester (the next 15 weeks or so), you might feel healthier and stronger. You'll probably start to see your stomach getting bigger and feel your baby kicking.
  • In the third trimester (everything from the 28th week), your baby gets much bigger, so your body has to make room for it. That means sometimes you might feel sore, faint or moody.

It is very important to visit your nurse or doctor at every scheduled visit so they can keep checking up on you and your baby's health. Remember to ask your doctor anything you're not sure of or scared of.

Being pregnant when you're a teenager or a young woman can be hard. And you might find yourself feeling down, confused or scared on some days, and excited and hopeful on other days. Other people might have something to say about you being pregnant: some might be really nice and supportive while others might be hard on you.

People can judge all they want, but in the end only you can make decisions about the pregnancy. Trust yourself and your body, ask for help from adults you trust (that includes your nurse or doctor ) and learn as much as you can about the responsibilities of being a parent.

If you are pregnant and want to receive information on pregnancy and your baby for free from NDOH, register for MomConnect at your local clinic or dial * 134 * 550 #.

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