Why dry sex is not a good idea

Dry sex is when someone has sex with a female when her vagina is not lubricated or wet. Some women use things to dry their vagina because they believe that dry sex is better for their partner. Many men also believe the myth that if a woman is lubricated before sex, then she is cheating, using a contraceptive or has an STI. This is just a myth – it’s not true. The vagina is meant to become wet before sex, because this makes penetration easier.

If you have dry sex, you could actually be putting yourself in danger. Dry sex can be painful for both females and males, and can also:

  • Make the vagina and penis red, swollen or itchy
  • Tear the vagina, causing permanent damage
  • Tear the condom you are using
  • Cause yeast infections
  • Increase your chances of getting an STI and HIV 

If your vagina is dry during sex, use a lubricant (gel). Remember that if you are using latex condoms, you need a water-based lubricant. Max male and female condoms and lubricant are available in clinics across the country.

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