Why mistakes can be a good thing

Nobody tries to do things badly, mess things up, or get things wrong. In relationships, school work, projects and daily tasks, we want to do our best and have the best results.

But nobody gets things right every time! Mistakes and accidents happen. Sometimes when things go wrong, it can make us feel like a failure. And this could make us scared to try new things the next time. But sometimes making mistakes can be a good thing.

Whaaat? Yes, it’s true! Let’s have a look at how making mistakes can be actually help us…

Mistakes help us learn

If you’re starting anything new, there’s no way you can have all the answers! You don’t have the experience to tell you what could go wrong. Gaining a new skill means we are learning, and with learning, comes mistakes. You only fail when you’re not willing to try again and do better.

Aim for greatness, not perfection

No one gets it perfect all the time – rather aim to do better than you did yesterday. Even if we don’t get things perfectly right, we still make progress by carrying on and improving. You don’t need to be perfect. You just need to keep trying.

Mistakes let you know you’re on the wrong path

Not everyone can sing like Beyoncé. Not everyone is a talented mathematician. Sometimes we fail because it’s a sign we’re on the wrong path. And that’s OK too. Try a new path and see if it works better for you.

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