Why should young people care about the International AIDS Conference 2016?

All over the world young people are being infected by HIV. In fact, HIV infection is growing faster in young people than any other age group. This is your future, so young people should be involved in making decisions about their health.

The International AIDS 2016 conference to be held in eThekweni between 18-22 July gives young people a chance to make your voices heard.

The conference has created a space for young people, the youth to talk, share and learn about HIV and AIDS from experts and from each other so that you can understand the importance of fighting against HIV and AIDS.

The experts and activists at the AIDS 2016 conference are not only there to give you information but they give you a chance to take part in the programmes that will fight HIV, especially when it comes to the prevention of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

During the conference young people will be activity organisers, speakers, leaders and peers. You can also have some fun at the youth village with activities specially designed for youth including cultural and educational performances, presentations, group discussions and workshops.

The conference is your chance to tell your story about HIV and AIDS. Make the voice of the future heard, be at the AIDS 2016.

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slender 25 June 2017 21:54

Last week at bloemfontein some four boys rape a girl.why boys are so terrible whom should we trust?

B-Wise Expert Expert 30 June 2017 13:11

Hi Slender, Thanks for getting in touch.  I am so sorry to hear that these boys did this. When such bad things happen, it’s hard to remember that not all boys are bad or will rape a girl.  There are many good boys out there – in Bloemfontein and other towns and cities. The main things to remember when you are looking for someone you can trust is to ask yourself:

·         Do they respect me and my friends?

·         Do they treat their friends and family well?

·         Are they kind or cruel? 

·         Do they push me to do things I’m not comfortable with? 

Above all, trust your gut feelings – if something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.  Always respect yourself first and only do things you are OK with.

lavyja 30 November 2016 12:22

I would like to get involved.Please send me more information on how i can learn more.I would like to motivate the youth and married couples who are ignorant to the transmission of the pandemic... Kindly send me names of institutions you recommend in the areas of Gauteng (JHB. My email is mukenp@health.gov.za ,0607564987(012 395 8744) Patronella Mukendi

thapedikganyago 21 July 2016 15:10

The conference was a success with 20 000 delegates and we learned a lot

Prettymf_27 20 July 2016 22:21

Who won the #aids2016 competition

Anonymous 15 July 2016 21:54

Who won the DARES competition?

B-Wise Expert Expert 18 July 2016 09:00

Hi Anonymous, thanks for entering the name the campaign competition. The winner will be contacted and the name will be announced in Durban at AIDS2016. We'll share an update on B-Wise when the winner is announced.

EdwinLeballo 14 July 2016 17:59


B-Wise Expert Expert 15 July 2016 10:29

Hi Edwin, thanks for entering the name the campaign competition. The winner will be contacted and the name will be announced in Durban at AIDS2016. We'll share an update on B-Wise when the winner is announced.

Anonymous 14 July 2016 13:22

I would like to know the number of girls raped in Durban.

B-Wise Expert Expert 14 July 2016 20:02

Wow, that’s a tough question anonymous. Rape is a terrible thing. Too many girls and boys are raped every day and many of them don’t actually report the experience so the exact numbers are not known. But one rape is too many.

tinahchrissy 12 July 2016 09:16

Young women should care about International Aids day.its a platform where we ought to learn more about Aids, where we gain courage to come into terms with this diseases and this day gives courage where there seemed no hope. its gives a reason to live again and this time more vigilant and skilled.

LifhigaM 11 July 2016 20:46

Young people should care about the International AIDS conference because it is a platform where our voices will be heard and they can also learn about the development of fighting against new HIV infections. They will also have the opportunity to learn about issues that challenge HIV infected youth and how these challenges can be tackled and also give a helping hand in their communities and it would also give youth a platform to start organization that fight against HIV in their communities.They would also learn how to live with people who are infected with HIV and encourage them to never give up on their dreams and take life as they should.

EdwinLeballo 8 July 2016 20:19

Young people should care about the International AIDS Conferenfe because it is the golden platform where issues, new developments, plans, studies and discussions about HIV and AIDS are discussed, as the future leaders, community builders, teachers, reaserchers, parents and citizens, we need we need to acquire quality knowledge, to share experiences, to learn and participate today, in order for us to understand AIDS fully, and be able to go back to our friends, peers, community, schools to share our knowledge, to engage in more researches, to start youth based programs that will benefit everybody, and that will help the world win the battle agains HIV and AIDS, ensuring that the upcoming young becomes AIDS risk free, and HIV and AIDS free.