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B-Wise User Anonymous 17 January 2019 10:46

Hi I'm HIV positive and I want a baby what must I do and are the any changes to fall pregnant

B-Wise User Anonymous 30 December 2018 19:34

I was tested for TB this year, on 4/9/2018 got my results saying I'm positive and I was given the medication, that very same day I cough again and got my second results on 12/09/2018 saying I'm is this possible? Now at the clinic my file went missing it been a month now,when I go there to take my medication they ask me which medication I'm taking. I'm confused really so I decided to stop taking this medication coz I don't know what going on and I'm pregnant.

B-Wise Expert Expert 4 January 2019 13:03

Hi there, not everyone with TB will cough the TB out. This is called a false negative test result. The fact that you did produce a sputum containing the TB the first time is sufficient to diagnose you with TB, and this means you have to complete at least 6 months of the appropriate TB treatment. Not completing the required regimen may lead to drug resistance which is much harder to treat and takes longer to cure (sometimes two years of treatment or more!). So rather be safe and finish the treatment. 

B-Wise User Anonymous 30 December 2018 19:12


B-Wise User Anonymous 28 December 2018 14:10

Is it normal to be in denial if u find out your are HIV positive and if the laboratory tests comes back positive for HIV are they 100% that I have the virus? And is it ok to start ARVs if your CD4 count is 687 ? Please help.

B-Wise Expert Expert 2 January 2019 09:29

Hi there, Yes, many people feel denial when they first find out that they are HIV positive. It is important to receive correct counseling and medical care. Positive rapid HIV tests are about 96-100% accurate (specific) for HIV. That is why 2 tests are always done to confirm that the result is correct. If your CD4 count is 687 it is good as it is within the normal range. This means that you are not likely to catch opportunistic infections.  Studies have proven that it is best for everyone with HIV to start taking ARVS regardless of CD4 count as people live longer and have less illnesses.  

B-Wise User Anonymous 19 December 2018 09:53

What causes yellowish stretchy discharge no itching, no smell and doesn't hurt that look like I have blow my nose and a lot after sex

B-Wise Expert Expert 19 December 2018 11:27

Hi, thank you for your question. A discharge that you describe  is often a sign of an infection. If there is an infection, it will need to be treated for it to go away. Please go to your nearest clinic.