You mad, you crazy, you are a psycho – the stigma around mental illness

We hear people talk about being 'crazy' all the time. But most of the time, we're not actually talking about mental illness. We're saying someone makes us angry, or we don't understand them. Real mental illness is something that is a lot more serious. It can happen to anyone, and usually makes it hard for people to live their normal life. They might struggle to work, sleep at night, have friends or be with their loved ones.

People with real mental illness don't choose to be sick. Like most sicknesses, it just happens to you. But, because you can't see mental illness like you can with a scar or a cough, a lot of people think it's not real. But it is!

People might tell a person with a mental health problem there's nothing wrong with them, or that they should just get over it and cheer up. It's great to be able to deal with things on your own, for sure! But sometimes the issue is too serious, and you need a professional to help you.

There is nothing wrong with asking for help. We all need help sometimes; it's what makes us human. So don't be scared to ask for help. And if someone asks you, remember how much they might be suffering.

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