You've got this: Tips to help you remember to take your medication over the festive season

Many young people have to manage the holiday season with a chronic disease; you are not alone! You have done so well throughout the year and just because it's the holidays doesn't mean you should stop taking care of yourself. Here are a few tips to remind you how to make your health the best present to yourself.

It is important for you to remember to take your medication during the holidays.

If you are going away this holiday, remember to take each of your medications with you and make sure that you bring enough for the whole time you are away.

Do not drink alcohol if you are on medication. if you choose to drink alcohol, take your medication before you start drinking (drinking might make you forget to take it).

Holidays mess up your schedule. If you miss the regular time for taking medicines, don't worry; just take them when you remember! It would also be really great to set more than one reminder; your treatment buddy could also help remind you.

If the holidays are stressful, don't let the stress stop you from taking your medication. Stay positive and take care of yourself by taking your medication.

Find some time to make a pre-holiday visit at your clinic. If you'll be going away, speak to your doctor, nurse or counsellor about any concerns you think might come up.

Holidays are a time for relaxing and doing fun thingsā€¦ but to enjoy the holidays, you need to be strong and healthy and taking your medication will help you.

You've got this..!

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