Youth activism: The power of youth

Do you ever get really excited or angry or scared about an issue in your community? Maybe you wonder what you can do to change your world. Adults all around you have probably told you what to do for most of your life.

But the truth is that YOU have the power to make a difference. If there’s something you feel strongly about, and you want to make the world a better place – whether it’s about human rights, sexual and reproductive health services, education or gender equality – you can find a way to work for it.

There are many ways to be an activist and stand up for what you believe in:

  • Use the internet and social media. From writing about your ideas and beliefs, to inviting people to your events, this is a way to reach many people at the same time. And you can get in touch with people who have similar (and different) ideas to you.
  • Plan a meeting, rally or concert to promote your cause.
  • Find organisations and companies who are doing work in the area you are interested in. They could have work you can get involved with, and they might have funding to help you go further.

Being part of a movement sometimes comes with risks, so remember that your safety comes first. All South Africans have a right to protest peacefully.

To read more about your rights and being an active South African citizen, visit our Rights On! section

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