How to tell your partner, or someone else you trust, about PrEP

It can sometimes be difficult to bring up the issue of HIV prevention with a partner, but there are ways it can become easier.

Here are some tips you can use to prepare to make it easier.

How to tell someone:

  • Use clear and simple language.
  • Maintain eye contact, remain confident and calm.
  • Start by talking about PrEP in general without telling them you’re using it and see what they say. If they says negative things, you may not want to tell them you are using it.
  • Be prepared to answer their questions.
  • Listen openly to your partner’s concerns – do not assume you already know what they are going to say. 
  • Don’t say that it is their fault that you are using PrEP.  Instead, say it is your decision to protect yourself.
  • Look at your partner’s body language as you are talking to them about PrEP to see their reaction.
  • Be sensitive to emotions and feelings of your partner as you are talking to them.
  • Tell them in a comfortable and private place where no one will overhear you and where you will not be interrupted.
  • If you are worried that they may be violent or you are not sure how they will react, don’t be too far away from others so that you can get help if you need it.

When to tell someone

  • When you will have enough time to say everything you need to say
  • When you will have enough time for the other person to respond and ask questions
  • When both of you are in a good mood and with a settled mind
  • If you are worried that they may be violent, it may help to disclose during the daytime so you can get help more easily if you need it.

Click here to find your nearest clinic offering PrEP.

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